About us

Founded in 2012, International Swimming Club “ENERGY STANDARD” is a unique project uniting athletes and coaches from Russia and Ukraine. The founder and President of the Club is Konstantin Grigorishin, a well-known Ukrainian business figure and philanthropist. The aim of the Club is to support and develop young talented swimmers aspiring for the Olympic gold.

Since its inception the Club has cooperated with the top specialists from the world swimming community. The swimming camps have been attended and lectured by such prominent authorities as Dave Salo, Frederic Vergnoux, Romain Barnier, Fabrice Pellerin, and Jon Urbanchek. The best foreign physiologists, nutritionists, strengths and conditioning experts have been engaged to work with the team.

Senior advisor to the Club is Andrea di Nino, an Italian coach known for the outstanding achievements of his athletes Evgeny Korotyshkin and Milorad Čavić – the world record holders and Olympic silver medalists.

Russian swimmers routinely train at the facilities of Sport Complex “Olimpiyskiy” and “Aquatic Stadium “Dinamo”, and Ukrainian swimmers in swimming pools in Kiev, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Zaporizhya.