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Regional Short Course Swimming Championships October 2017

At the end of October (24 - 27) the Regional Swimming Championships were held in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. These swimming events were official selection to Russian Short Course Championships in November, which is then a qualifying event to the European SC Championships in Copenhagen.

Nineteen swimmers have represented our club at the Regionals:

Moscow squad:

Vladimir Dubinin

Ivan Dubinin

Kliment Kolesnikov

Dmitry Popov

Maxim Stupin

Daniil Sukhinin

Evgenii Ustinov

Semen Shakhanov

Sergei Shorin

Roman Shpurik

Alexander Yakovlev

Karina Bordiugova

Elizaveta Bordiugova

Diana Varnava

Ekaterina Kudrova

Saint-Petersburg squad:

Alexandra Denisenko

Alena Chekhovskikh

Maria Lykosova

Victoria Sozonova

The “ENERGY STANDARD” team was the leader at the Regional competitions, due to the amazing achievements and gained goals of our swimmers! During four competition days our athletes obtained thirteen GOLD medals, two SILVER medals and thirteen BRONZE medals.

Our Athletes Achievements:

In Moscow Overall Championship:

The most successful swimmer who headed the National Ranking among his age group and has been selected to the Russian Championships was Kliment Kolesnikov. He dominated the championships, winning medal after medal. His lucky formula resulted in 6 GOLDS + 3 BRONZE!

200м Medley - 1:56.88
200м Backsroke - 1:54,87
100м Medley - 53,26
100м Freestyle - 47,82
50м Backsroke - 24,29
100м Backsroke - 51,77
50м Freestyle - 21.99
50м Butterfly - 23,97
100м Butterfly - 53,10

Dmitry Popov

200м Butterfly - 1:58,47

Maxim Stupin

200м Medley - 1:59.30
200м Backsroke - 1.56.99
400м Medley - 4:12,87
100м Backsroke - 55,04

Karina Bordiugova

100м Medley - 1.04.17

In Saint-Petersburg Overall Championship:

Alexandra Denisenko

200м Medley - 2:14.77
400м Medley - 4:47,27

Alena Chekhovskikh

100м Breaststroke - 1:08,16
200м Breaststroke - 2:26.14
50м Breaststroke - 31,95

Maria Lykosova

100м Breaststroke –1:09,49

In Moscow Age-Group Championship:

Bordiugova Karina

100м Medley - 1.04.17
50м Breaststroke - 32,92
50м Backsroke - 29,16
100м Backsroke - 1:02,59
50м Butterfly - 28,37
50м Freestyle - 26.57

Ivan Dubinin

200м Freestyle - 1:54.96

Congratulations for winners and medalists! Good luck at the Russian Short Course Championships!