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European Short Course Swimming Championships 2017

From the 13th – 17th of December 2017 the European Short Course Swimming Championships was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the competition from our club were six athletes – Kliment Kolesnikov, Sergii Shevtsov, Mykhaylo Romanchuk, Kregor Zirk Benjamin Proud and Denys Kesil, In total our athletes won – five gold, two silver and one bronze medal, and broke seven World Junior Records, 11 National Records and one World Record as part of a national team relay!


Kolesnikov Kliment

World Record:

4x50m Medley relay (Final heat, lead-off leg) – 1:30.44

World Junior Records:

4x50 Freestyle relay (Final heat, lead-off leg) – 21.24
50м Backstroke (Prelims) – 23.10
50м Backstroke (Final heat) – 23.07
100м Backstroke (Semifinals heat) – 49.25
100м Backstroke (Final heat) 48.99
200м Backstroke (Final heat) – 1:48.02

Best Time by FINA points:

100м Backstroke (Final heat) – 995

Romanchuk Mykhaylo

National Record:

1500м Freestyle (Final heat) – 14:14.59

Fiveth Result by FINA points:

1500м Freestyle (Final heat) – 977

Proud Benjamin

50м Butterfly (Final heat) – 22.44

National Records:

50м Freestyle (Semifinals heat) – 20.70
50м Freestyle (Final heat) – 20.66
50м Butterfly (Prelims) – 22.39
50м Butterfly (Semifinals heat) – 22.18

Kregor Zirk

National Records:

200м Freestyle – 1:43.84
100м Butterfly (Prelims) – 50.93
100м Butterfly (Semifinals heat) – 50.90
200м Butterfly (Prelims) – 1:54.13
200м Butterfly (Final heat) – 1:53.58

Shevtsov Sergii

National Record:

100м Freestyle (Prelims) – 46.94

Congratulations to athletes and coaches! Amazing ending of short-course season!

Thank for a photos to Giorgio Scala and LEN!