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In early January the elite squad went to the training camp in South Africa, to the base of the Stellenbosch Academy of Sports to prepare for the annual competition in Luxembourg "Euro Meet - 2018". During the camp coaches organized a retracting work to prepare team for a long course season.

To our guys at the camp joined the multiple record holder and six-times world champion Sarah Sjöström.

Also our athletes had some time to visit the safari park “Sanbona”, Cape Town and see the sights and surroundings of Stellenbosch.

Meanwhile, the main team was preparing for the first start at this year on the basis of the sports complex "Bella Italia Village", in the resort area of ​​Italy, Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The gathering took place from the 4th to the 25th of January under the direction of the head coach of the Russian squad Artem Scryabin. In the pool joint trainings and relays races were conducted, Every morning, professional Strength & Conditioning coaches Daria Stratilatova and Jan Komnatny, have organised all-club drylands warm-up before training sessions in the water. And also underwater shooting was organized with the subsequent video analysis of the technique. On the day off the whole team went on an excursion to Venice.

In Luxembourg, the teams have teamed up to participate in the 20th international swimming meet "EURO MEET-2018".

Our team proved once again that we have the right to be called the best! Our club won first place in the team championship, leaving behind the national team of Great Britain and the national team of Germany!

At all our team had won 43 medals! 8 gold, 1 silver and 6 bronze in the absolute age group. 9 gold, 6 silver, 2 bronze in the junior age group. 8 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze in the youth age group. And was beaten 4 record of the competition!


Absolute age-group:

Benjamin Proud

50m. Freestyle – 21.89, 1st place, Meet Record.

50m. Butterfly – 23.03, 1st place, Meet Record.

Kliment Kolesnikov

100m. Freestyle – 48.52, 1st place.

50m. Backstroke – 25.32, 1st place.

100m. Backstroke – 54.31, 1st place.

200m. Individual Medley– 2:00.95, 3rd place.

Georgia Davies 

50m. Backstroke – 27.75, 1st place, Meet Record.

100m. Backstroke – 1:00.66, 1st place.

Mykhaylo Romanchuk 

400m. Freestyle – 3:48.68, 1st place, Meet Record.

Sergiy Frolov

1500m. Freestyle – 15:26.65, 2nd place.

Vladislav Gerasimenko 

50m. Breaststroke – 28.56, 3rd place.

Mary-Sophie Harvey

200m.Freestyle – 2:01.03, 3rd place.

400m. Individual Medley– 4:46.53, 3rd place.

Nastia Shkurdai

50m. Backstroke – 28.63, 3rd place.

Polina Egorova

200m. Backstroke – 2:11.52, 3rd place.

Junior age-group:

Kliment Kolesnikov

100m. Freestyle – 48.72, 1st place

50m.Backstroke – 25.33, 1st place

100m.Backstroke – 55.21, 1st place

200m. Individual Medley– 2:03.18 2nd place.

Maxim Stupin

200м Individual Medley – 2:03.05, 1st place.

200м Individual Medley – 4:24.83, 1st place.

Polina nevmovenko

50m. Freestyle – 26.54, 2nd place.

100m. Freestyle – 56.91, 1st place.

200m. Freestyle – 2:03.59, 2nd place.

Denis Kesil

100m. Butterfly – 53.72, 1st place

200m. Butterfly – 2:01.67, 2nd place.

Vladislav Gerasimenko 

50m. Breaststroke – 28.63, 1st place

100m. Breaststroke – 1:02.89, 2nd place.

Dmitriy Popov

100m. Butterfly – 54.83, 2nd place.

200m. Butterfly – 2:00.23, 1st place

Valentin Nesterkin

50m. Freestyle – 23.85, 3rd place.       

100m. Freestyle – 50.96, 3rd place.     

Youth age-group:

Andrei Minakov

50m. Freestyle – 23.60, 1st place.

100m. Freestyle – 50.63, 1st place.

200m. Freestyle – 1:54.91, 1st place.

50m. Butterfly. – 24.02, 1st place.

Nastia Shkurdai

50m. Backstroke – 29.10, 1st place.

100m. Backstroke – 1:02.51, 1st place.

200m. Backstroke – 2:16.91, 1st place. 

200m. Individual Medley– 2:20.70, 1st place.

Karina Bordyugova

50m. Freestyle – 26.95, 2nd place.

50m. Butterfly. – 28.54, 2nd place.

50m. Backstroke – 30.49, 3rd place.

Congratulations to the athletes with the second successful start this year!